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TV- Series - In Development
Junus Baker, Jonathan B. Behr, Olivia Helmlinger

Aylin and her three friends Page, Krizzl and Moe are “lost”. They hang in a limbo between finishing school and starting life. Their biggest problem is that they know about the big problems in the world and feel like they can't do anything about them. But while they desperately try to make sense of their boring everyday life in a small Black Forest town, a mysterious stranger causes a massacre on a farm nearby, killing all the inhabitants and then herself. The clique realizes that they have special gifts after all: While the police and the media are in the dark, our protagonists accidentally come across a trace in their own world: the Internet. Scattered across social media, image boards and Telegram groups, they gather evidence and slowly uncover a complex conspiracy that threatens not only the social fabric of their village, but of the entire country.

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