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Wegen Hegel

Short - Finished
Writer/ Director



Popo Fan

Till Beckert

Sam Handel

funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg

"the real is rational, and the rational is real", says German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. But when the pandemic hits Germany, everything changes. Chinese student PING just started his philosophy studies and faces many 
obstacles: hostility, loneliness, lockdown. On a dating app he receives spicy photos from MAX, who proposes a "social distance hook-up". Ping is excited and embarks on his adventure. Offered a mysterious drug, he is about to have sex, when he suddenly notices a book by Hegel. It sucks him into a drug induced reflection about free will and reality, which kills the vibe of the moment. He flees after an argument and loses himself in the drug experience. The next morning, he makes another unexpected discovery - and all that because of Hegel (Wegen Hegel).

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