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Women in Architecture

Branded Documentary - completed
Sky-Frame AG
Boris Noir

Julian C. Steiner, Nikolaus Schreiber
Produced by 70 Steps

"Women in Architecture" is a portrait of three extraordinary female Architects in three Metropolises. Toshiko Mori in New York, Gabriela Carillo in Mexico City und Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge in Berlin. Our protagonists share as much as separates them. They invite us into their respective Microcosmos: Family, Work and all the things in-between. 

Sky-Frame is the initiator of this Short documentary, striving to inspire young women, empowering them to follow their dreams. In collaboration with ArchDaily, the worlds biggest Online-platform for Architecture & Design, "Women in Architecture" was developed with Writer/Director Boris Noir.

Documentary: "Women in Architecture"

Documentary: "Women in Architecture"

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